Wednesday, March 5, 2008

34th Street Subway Band

I don't know their real name, but they were playing at the 34th St. Station while I was on my way to work last night. I've been wanting to take videos of subway performers, but I've been scared to. Like scared they would hurt me. But I think I'm past that now.


Susan said...

Hi Leah,
How are you? I hope you are well. I looove looking at your NYC pictures. I wish I was there.
When I saw project runway go to that hershey's store I was so happy that I had actually been there.
Can't wait for the finale tonight!!
I was just enjoying those cards you sent me. I haven't used any yet because I like them for myself. I know, kind of strange.
Take care.

stephinbham said...

Now THAT'S how you know you're a real New Yorker. You ain't skeered.

OMG, you totally had a celeb post on your blog!

Leah said...

And sorry for the technical difficulties. We're trying to find out how to actually post the video.

I love that you said skeered!! You know, I actually say "git" instead of get.