Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Crazy Awesome or Just Crazy?

When I saw this candelabra at At Home in Homewood (how's that for repetition?), I had to have it. Because the turquoise color is the exact color of my second accent color in the living room. But so far I don't really have a good place to put it. My upright piano is so high that the candelabra is really close to the ceiling. (I have thought about asking Heinz to cut part of it off in the middle and to weld it back together.) Or maybe I'll just wait until we get a sofa table and it will look good on there. Or I might just keep it where it is.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Bedroom Wallpaper

The bedroom wallpaper was put up today. I LOVE it. It matched the wall color perfectly. I was afraid it would be too busy, but I don't think it is. Even Heinz said he likes it more than he thought he would. There's quite a bit of wallpaper left over, so maybe I could use it for a background for some artwork elsewhere in the room. After the wallpaper lady was done, Heinz put up the new sconces. There are matching ones in the master bathroom vanity as well.

This is a reproduction retro phone I got for the bedroom. Sure it's a little inconvenient because you can't lay in bed and pick up the receiver, but the point is it looks good, right?!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kitchen Curtains, Finally!

My mom is an amazing seamstress. While I was visiting her last week, she made my kitchen curtains for me. I helped out a little and took notes. The one above the bay window is one long continuous valance. We made them one and a quarter times the width of the window so it would have a little bit of gather but not too much. And I'm pretty amazed at how the red bouquets are perfectly spaced out over the width of the windows.

Behold the Feature Wall!

This is going to take some getting used to. I love it, but it sure is different than what was before! The bedroom wall has not been wallpapered because I didn't buy enough wallpaper. Hopefully that can get done next week.

Finished Half-Bath

The red-and-gold lampshades and towel really class up the joint.

Monday, July 13, 2009

More Homemade Kitchen Artwork

This project needs a bit of work. I made it just last night. The frame is a $10 shadow box frame from Ikea. I covered the mat with leftover kitchen curtain fabric (photos coming soon once I get the bay window rod). I then attempted to attach or hang some copper cookie cutters from my mom, who got them from her mom. I didn't want to hot glue them because I didn't want to ruin them. I put tacks in the mat with tape on that to try to keep them on there. Next I might try some of that yellow tacky stuff that you can put stuff on the walls with. Any other ideas that wouldn't hurt the cookie cutters?

My Husband Is a Man of Many Talents

See this outlet? Looks ordinary, yes? But the thing is that it didn't used to be there. Heinz put it in the foyer where the feature wall is going to be so that I can plug in a lamp there. He did it last night after work even though he was really tired. Oh yeah, and it really works! Bonus: I now have a piece of the wall to take in to the paint store to have matched up for some touch-ups I need to do. Because the can labeled "foyer" and a new can of the supposed color don't match. What do you think the paint people would say if I told them I cut a piece of the wall out so I could match it up?