Monday, August 27, 2007

Breaking News

We're going to have another visitor next month--Third-Person Grandma. She's coming to visit for a few days. This should be interesting. I'll be sure to post pictures of her visit.

'ello, Copper!

On my way to work last week, I saw a policeman on a horse. The horse was very calm, even when traffic was whizzing by. It's not something you normally see on your way to work. Except for the time I was in Huntsville during Christmas and saw eight reindeer hitched to a sleigh by the side of the road. That was totally bizarre.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My Strange Trip Home

Yesterday I was working at Scholastic in SoHo. I was about to get on the subway when I spotted this car. I think this guy was just waiting for people to take pictures of it. Afterward I thought that I should have asked him if he made it and who he was. But since I didn't I'm going to speculate. I think that he's an eccentric artist-type who does this for a living somehow. He's so proud of his creation that he parks it in a really busy area when it's time for people to go home so they'll see it and take his picture. This is exactly why I'm now carrying my camera with me everywhere--so that I can share my strange New York experiences with you.

If that wasn't enough strangeness, this is what was going on when I got out of the subway. First I heard the band, which sounded like college football was going on...until they played the Meow Mix theme song. And at certain intervals in the song, bystanders yelled, "Meow!!" enthusiastically. Yes, it's the Meow Mix Acatemy. So now I'm convinced that I'm in the movie The Science of Sleep or something like that. And here's info about the Acatemy:

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Guess who brought his medical textbook to the Justin Timberlake concert?

That's right: Heinz. But in all fairness, he didn't actually read it "because it was too dark." I guess I'm more surprised that he didn't have one of those pen lights with him.

But the concert was great; even Heinz thought so. Justin Timberlake is an amazing dancer. You can watch the exact show that we were at on HBO Sept. 3. And the great benefit of that is you'll still be able to hear afterward.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

OMG...I can't stop laughing

This is Will, the copy chief at People. He tried on the pumpkin hat I made for Cristine's little girl, Madeline. This just makes me laugh so much.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Blog Issues

I'm just posting again in the hopes that the title for the last post will show up. And for the record, there isn't anything I can do about the straight quotes.

The Harry Potter Post

If you don't already know that I love Harry Potter then I guess you don't know me very well. We've been to some Harry Potter events since we've been here so I have a few pictures to share.

This is from the Stephen King, John Irving, and J.K. Rowling charity reading at Radio City Music Hall last August. I never thought that I would be able to attend anything like this. We were in the third row! Each author read an except from their books and then answered prescreened questions. The biggest surprise was when Salmon Rushdie stood up with his son and asked a question. It was like a really long thesis statement and everyone clapped afterward.

On my birthday this year we went to see Scholastic's Knight Bus that was going on tour. It's a double-decker bus from England that was painted to look like it had three floors. We stood in line with all the other kids, ha. I think that it was pretty crummy that they didn't go to a single city in the southeast, though.

Then, of course, there was the Deathly Hallows release a few weeks ago. I dressed up as Umbridge. My pink outfit was pretty frightening. It looked like something I would normally wear anyway. And this is at the B&N party that we stopped by. This is a guy who makes money pretending to be Hagrid. It doesn't look like he's much taller than me. The "real" Hagrid is supposed to be 12 feet tall, isn't he?! This guy must be 5'7". And there were a couple of adults that I saw walking to B&N that had on really great hats and capes. And then a week later I saw their picture in Entertainment Weekly!

And check this girl out: She's Snape! And a really good one, too.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Good Stuff

So I've loved the B-52's ever since I had the tape for Cosmic Thing and practically wore it out because I didn't have a lot of other music. So when I found out they were doing a free concert in Brooklyn, I had to go. I'm sorry that I didn't get a picture myself, and I should have, because as we were walking in Keith was signing a few autographs. The show was great. They sang quite a few new songs from their upcoming album, which I'm really looking forward to. But half the time I was wondering if Kate was wearing a wig. It seems like she's had the same hairdo for like 20 years.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Finally took the plunge

My friends' blogs have finally inspired me to start one of my own. That, and I'm superexcited about an upcoming event that I wanted to tell everyone about! I should have started a blog two years ago to show everyone the fun stuff we were doing in New York City. So there may be some stuff on here that's retroactive. Did I just use that word correctly? I seem to think so from what Webster's says, but now I wish that most of my friends weren't copy editors.

So the upcoming event that I am so excited about is...a Judy Blume book signing!! I'm going to get to meet the woman who wrote, "I must, I must, increase my bust." She is a legend.