Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My Strange Trip Home

Yesterday I was working at Scholastic in SoHo. I was about to get on the subway when I spotted this car. I think this guy was just waiting for people to take pictures of it. Afterward I thought that I should have asked him if he made it and who he was. But since I didn't I'm going to speculate. I think that he's an eccentric artist-type who does this for a living somehow. He's so proud of his creation that he parks it in a really busy area when it's time for people to go home so they'll see it and take his picture. This is exactly why I'm now carrying my camera with me everywhere--so that I can share my strange New York experiences with you.

If that wasn't enough strangeness, this is what was going on when I got out of the subway. First I heard the band, which sounded like college football was going on...until they played the Meow Mix theme song. And at certain intervals in the song, bystanders yelled, "Meow!!" enthusiastically. Yes, it's the Meow Mix Acatemy. So now I'm convinced that I'm in the movie The Science of Sleep or something like that. And here's info about the Acatemy:


Bowlby said...

Did you see the picture involving the Acatemy on StarTracks today?

Leah said...

Yes! Nothing but breaking news here on my blog.

stephinbham said...

ha ha. I wished you'd asked for a ride home.