Sunday, April 27, 2008

You Know You're a Nerd When...

your husband leaves you a secret message in the Boggle game. And that you notice.

Happy (Belated) St. Patrick's Day

We had never been to the St. Patty's parade in New York, so this was our last chance while we were here. It was so cold. We only stayed out for about half an hour because we weren't dressed warm enough. But I made sure that Heinz took a picture of my T-shirt anyway. And at least we got to hear some bagpipes.

James Frain

We went to see a play called The Homecoming a few weeks ago. James Frain, Ian McShane, and Michael McKean were in it. I like James Frain from The Count of Monte Cristo and The Buccaneers, so we stayed afterward to get a picture. The play was by Harold Pinter. And it was strange.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

I Have a Lucky Husband

And not just because he's married to me, ha. But not too long ago I found out that some Broadway shows have ticket lotteries. You put your name in a hat and two hours before the show, they draw a limited amount of names. If you get picked, you get supercheap tickets in the first or second row. Exciting, huh? We had tried once in Feb. with no luck. Then we tried it when Briana and Chris were here, and Heinz won a pair of tickets for them to see Wicked. A few days later, Heinz went back and won a pair of tickets for ourselves. (Front row, center, $26.50 each. Awesome.) And then a few days after that, Heinz was the first name called for Avenue Q tickets.

So next time you're in New York, and you've already been to the TKTS booth, it doesn't hurt to try to see another show by putting your name in the lottery. And since Wicked is perpetually sold out, it's the easiest way to try to see it.

Do you need a Bar Mitzvah RIGHT NOW?!

If you do, hopefully you have one of these trucks sitting outside on your street. The other side of the truck says you can have an instant bar mitzvah. I wonder if it comes with presents?

Auto Show

The first full day Briana and Chris were here, Heinz and I went to the auto show while they went to see Xanadu. I had already been on my feet all day, so I didn't feel like walking around too much. But Heinz did get some cool photos.

Go, Speedracer, go!

For the ultimate in tailgating.

Justin, this one's for you.

Here I Am!

When I first started a blog, one of my concerns was having time to post. So I want to apologize for not posting in awhile. I have a myriad of excuses: my former roommate, Briana, and her husband, Chris, came to visit in late March. Before they came, I was busy cleaning and making muffins. Then I showed them around while they were here, and then I've been working a lot since they left. Oh yeah, and I've gone to four Broadway shows, the New York International Auto Show, NY Comic Con, hurt my wrist in my roller-skating classes, and had whooping cough. I think that the whooping cough is one big reason why I haven't posted, because one of the symptoms is "general malaise." I'm feeling a lot better now thanks to having my own personal doctor write me prescriptions. And even though my wrist brace and pain is making it hard to type so much, I'm going to suffer through for a few posts.