Thursday, April 24, 2008

Auto Show

The first full day Briana and Chris were here, Heinz and I went to the auto show while they went to see Xanadu. I had already been on my feet all day, so I didn't feel like walking around too much. But Heinz did get some cool photos.

Go, Speedracer, go!

For the ultimate in tailgating.

Justin, this one's for you.


Bowlby said...

Yeah...Bumble Bee kicks Speed Racer's ass any day of the week. Did it look that orange in person or was it more yellow?


Leah said...

I'm pretty sure it was the same color as it is in the movie. But I've heard of things in movies being colored differently so that the color looks correct onscreen. So maybe it is more orange?

stephinbham said...

Looks cool. You guys still coming next week?