Thursday, April 24, 2008

I Have a Lucky Husband

And not just because he's married to me, ha. But not too long ago I found out that some Broadway shows have ticket lotteries. You put your name in a hat and two hours before the show, they draw a limited amount of names. If you get picked, you get supercheap tickets in the first or second row. Exciting, huh? We had tried once in Feb. with no luck. Then we tried it when Briana and Chris were here, and Heinz won a pair of tickets for them to see Wicked. A few days later, Heinz went back and won a pair of tickets for ourselves. (Front row, center, $26.50 each. Awesome.) And then a few days after that, Heinz was the first name called for Avenue Q tickets.

So next time you're in New York, and you've already been to the TKTS booth, it doesn't hurt to try to see another show by putting your name in the lottery. And since Wicked is perpetually sold out, it's the easiest way to try to see it.

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Bowlby said...

Next time I'm in New York I'm having Heinz put my name in the lottery. Lucky.