Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Other Side of the Foyer

The twig hat rack from Pottery Barn came in this week. I think it complements the twigs in the foyer wallpaper nicely. It's also the same color as the handrail on the stairs, so it actually looks like I kind of know what I'm doing as far as decorating goes. On the wall is more homemade artwork. I got some twigs in the yard to mimic the twig theme. I then added some pieces of leftover wallpaper to it. The only thing I might add to it is an umbrella stand.

Homemade Art Fail

I had these big plans to put nine squares of styrofoam covered with cute scrapbook paper and ribbon on the dining room wall. Except when I started making them, they looked like crap. Like, not professional at all. I would take a picture of how awful they are but I don't really feel like it right now. So instead I'll show you Plan #2. Instead of nine types of scrapbook paper, I narrowed it down to three and put them in 12 x 12 shadow frames. I like how it turned out. And nine might have actually been too busy looking.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Living Room Furniture

This furniture is from the Candise Olsen collection at Norwalk. And it is soooo comfy. Especially compared to the old secondhand couch that we've been sitting on. There were several different leg/skirt options. I almost went with the more modern leg, but I decided that I really like the turned leg. It's definitely more traditional but I think it goes well with the house. And as an added bonus, the color of the leg we picked out goes well with the piano. Which I was going to paint, but now I'm not, so that if I decide to change my accent colors in 10 years I won't be stuck with a red piano.

Completed Feature Wall

The feature wall in the foyer is complete. The furniture piece is a bombé chest from Crate & Barrel. The lamp and mirror are from Ikea. I also got an antique calling card tray from England on eBay. That way if you come to call when I'm not here, the butler will allow you to leave your card on this tray.

I originally intended this lamp for my dresser in the bedroom. So I may need to get another one next time I'm there.

I still have some more work to do in the foyer. I need to touch up the paint, buy a hat rack and make some artwork.