Saturday, August 18, 2007

Guess who brought his medical textbook to the Justin Timberlake concert?

That's right: Heinz. But in all fairness, he didn't actually read it "because it was too dark." I guess I'm more surprised that he didn't have one of those pen lights with him.

But the concert was great; even Heinz thought so. Justin Timberlake is an amazing dancer. You can watch the exact show that we were at on HBO Sept. 3. And the great benefit of that is you'll still be able to hear afterward.


Bowlby said...

No way! I'm jealous. You have such eclectic taste. I'll definitely be tuning in on Sept. 3.

julia said...

Wow--I never knew "sexy back" was code for "medical textbook."

stephinbham said...

I'm surprised about the pin light too. And earplugs, for the noise. I think Sean buys a package every week. ha ha. I'm glad y'all had fun.

PS Sean says, "Take a break, Heinz!"

Leah said...

Oh, we had earplugs!!

christopher said...

i know that popping and locking and breaking it down may sound like words involving potential accidents, physical mishaps and possibly even dismemberment. please inform heinz that these are merely terms of the "Hip Hop" vernacular. although it's good to have someone of the medically trained persuasion on hand at these events. you never know when an over extended pop and or lock will result in a sprain or severe groin pull. and i ceratinly don't have to tell you of the dangers of sexy back bringing.

peace out mommy!

John said...

Wow. You saw Justin Timberlake in concert?


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