Monday, August 13, 2007

The Harry Potter Post

If you don't already know that I love Harry Potter then I guess you don't know me very well. We've been to some Harry Potter events since we've been here so I have a few pictures to share.

This is from the Stephen King, John Irving, and J.K. Rowling charity reading at Radio City Music Hall last August. I never thought that I would be able to attend anything like this. We were in the third row! Each author read an except from their books and then answered prescreened questions. The biggest surprise was when Salmon Rushdie stood up with his son and asked a question. It was like a really long thesis statement and everyone clapped afterward.

On my birthday this year we went to see Scholastic's Knight Bus that was going on tour. It's a double-decker bus from England that was painted to look like it had three floors. We stood in line with all the other kids, ha. I think that it was pretty crummy that they didn't go to a single city in the southeast, though.

Then, of course, there was the Deathly Hallows release a few weeks ago. I dressed up as Umbridge. My pink outfit was pretty frightening. It looked like something I would normally wear anyway. And this is at the B&N party that we stopped by. This is a guy who makes money pretending to be Hagrid. It doesn't look like he's much taller than me. The "real" Hagrid is supposed to be 12 feet tall, isn't he?! This guy must be 5'7". And there were a couple of adults that I saw walking to B&N that had on really great hats and capes. And then a week later I saw their picture in Entertainment Weekly!

And check this girl out: She's Snape! And a really good one, too.


stephinbham said...

You should feel proud. I'm an HP fan only because of you!

Leah said...

Yeah, but you know what Katie says about people who don't finish the books...