Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Check Out Our First NYC Apartment!

Heinz was looking at websites where you can rent an apartment in Manhattan instead of staying in a hotel. The building where we first lived was sold, and Heinz found where you can rent it by the month. We're pretty sure that this is the living room of our exact apartment because it has the same view. You can stay there for $5,400 a month.


stephinbham said...

Wow. Just...wow.

Yeah, I remember sleeping on that floor when it felt like 5° outside. And then I came home and caught the pneumonia! It looks amazing!

Bowlby said...

You really should've charged us more when we came to visit.

Steph: Are you blaming Leah for your pneumonia? Kinda sounds like you are.

Leah said...

I thought it sounded like that too. Maybe I should have had guests sign a waiver.

Laurie said...

No, no, no! Just recapping the events!