Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dali Decal Coupon Code for My Readers

The nice folks at Dali Decals left a coupon code on my post about the decal in the guest bedroom for my readers (all five of you).

"Thanks so much for the write up too! As our way of saying thanks, here's a coupon code you and your friends can use for $10 off, no minimum purchase. Coupon code is leahinthesouth1"

I am already planning my next decal: I'm going to have them do a custom quote for the slanted wall of my craft room that you see right when you walk in the room. It's going to say "Leah's Craft Room of Awesomeness" unless any of you have another idea.

According to Dali's website, they're having a 10% off deal right now anyway along with free shipping. The code for that is HOLIDAY09 and it ends on Christmas Eve.


Katie B. said...

You have your own discount code! Jealous.

I wish they had something roboty for Luke's room. Maybe I'll get a toilet decal instead...

Stephanie said...

You have totally arrived. And they used your blog address too. Dang. Awesome.

I have to pick out something, maybe for my bedroom!!!