Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year's Projects

I am motivated to work on a bunch of projects. Here's the lineup.

1. Card making. I am going to make big batches of cards to use for the rest of the year: Mother's Day, birthday, and Father's Day. I may even start to put together design ideas for Christmas cards. I started a prototype of my all-purpose birthday card for the year.

2. Get rid of a bunch of stuff. This one scares me. I've set my DVR to record Hoarders to help me be unsentimental about giving stuff away. My parents saved most of my childhood toys. I'm not sure if I'm going to try to sell some of them or just give them away and get a tax write-off. Maybe a bit of both.

3. Sewing. I'm not as scared by this as I once was since I've already made a few projects. I want to make some pillows and a quilt for the guest bedroom first of all, and then I have some other projects waiting.

4. Knitting projects. These are ongoing as I work on them as I veg and watch TV in the evenings.

5. Digital preservation of slides and negatives. I recently bought a slide scanner (that will work with my Mac) so that I could scan in slides for my dad. It will also be great for a lot of our photos that are predigital. Then I'm going to make a movie on Apple's iMovie for my dad of the trip he took to Europe when he was 17. I also need to digitize some records of the trip to include in the movie. I'm hoping that I can work on some cards in the craft room while these slides are scanning in.

I'll be posting my progress!


Eric, Marilyn, and Elliott said...

I'm tired after reading this. My next project will be a nap. --Marilyn

Leah said...

Yeah but I don't have a toddler to run after!

Michael said...

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MD chica said...

Hey, Leah, I hope it's okay that I came over to your blog. : ) I notice you wrote about wanting to get rid of stuff but are sentimental. (Me, too.) I find if there is something I know I want to get rid of, if I leave it out in a main walking area for a while I can usually within a few weeks (or a month or two) emotionally let it go so that I just one day say, okay, enough - it's going. Or I just decide I'm not ready to let it go yet and put it back where it belongs. Maybe that will help? I hope you are well these days! : ) Heather (*p.s. I also find giving things away on helps me feel better about letting go of things, too - like I just gave away my high school trophies to a teacher making gifts with students for other teachers out of them.)