Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Penn & Teller

Heinz is in Las Vegas this week at a work conference. He really wanted me to go with him, but I have a lot of freelance work to do this week, and my personality type makes me feel agitated if I try to travel the week the magazine closes. So I opted to stay home, which Heinz is never going to forgive me for. Because he missed out getting picked to do a trick onstage with Penn & Teller, his favorite magician/comedy duo. Heinz was sitting in the front row, and Penn went up to him and asked if there was someone with him who could call his cell phone. Apparently giving your number to the person sitting next to you wasn't good enough, so he didn't get to do it. The trick is that they take your cell phone and hide it and it reappears sealed in a bag, inside a fish frozen in a block of ice, in a box sealed with duct tape, underneath someone's chair in the audience. But the coolest part is that they turn on the videocamera on your phone, video you with Penn & Teller doing the trick, and leave it on the whole time so you then know how the trick is done. I hope Heinz can forgive me some day. At least he got them to sign his program and got his picture taken with them. Oh, and he got to hear Teller talk.

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Katie B. said...

It sounds like he had fun without you!