Thursday, December 9, 2010

Antique Baby Sleigh

My Grandma Haney (most of you know her as third-person Grandma) recently moved down to Alabama, and the only thing I asked for from her house was this antique baby sleigh. It's not a family heirloom; she bought it at an antiques auction. I thought it would be perfect to decorate for Christmas, but I wanted it to look like it fit the time period. I had the idea of filling it with greenery and wrapped presents, but finding the right wrapping paper was difficult. I searched online for retro, antique or reproduction paper with no luck. My mom suggested scrapbooking paper. I found lots of great choices at a local scrapbooking store in Huntsville. The thick paper was more difficult to use than regular wrapping paper but I made it work. I had the idea of cutting a piece of fleece to drape on the sleigh like a blanket, and as a finishing touch, I included a stack of envelopes with our name and address on the top in brown copperplate calligraphy. I had the perfect empty spot for it in front of the bay window in the library. It fits with the room perfectly.

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Stephanie said...

DYING. This is incredible! I love it so much.