Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Special Request

My niece asked if I could make her doll some clothes that would match the clothes she wears to school. They wear uniform-type clothes: red, white, or navy polo shirts with khakis. I actually found a free doll polo shirt pattern at Liberty Jane Patterns, which has a lot of other cute doll patterns that I'd love to try.

I first started out with a red polo shirt. It's okay for my first try.

I love this navy one. The buttons are little flowers that are just so cute. And this khaki miniskirt takes no time at all.

This is a full skirt with a stiff waistband. It reminds me of a poodle skirt. This one and the next one are made from an old pair of Heinz's cargo pants. The fabric stores didn't have a lot of khaki color choices and this one was just right!

A box-pleated skirt.

And a pair of shorts.

I'm already planning a pair of capris, a pair of pants, and a white polo shirt for later. I can't wait for my niece to get these in the mail!

And yes, this is my doll. I needed one to try the clothes on.

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Stephanie said...

Omg. As long as you don't develop an attachment to that doll a la Gabrielle on Desperate Housewives. I just can't believe you have time for all this. Amazing!