Friday, August 12, 2011

For the Love of Harry Potter

It's no secret that I'm a Harry Potter fan. For several years I've wanted to have a Harry Potter birthday party at The Burrow. The last movie seemed like a good occasion to invite a few friends to lunch. I need to take pictures of how I transformed our basement to The Burrow (it wasn't very hard), but for now here's the snitch cake.

I used a round sports ball pan from Wilton. I made my favorite Magnolia's Vanilla Cake batter and froze the cakes a few weeks ahead of time. I iced them frozen the night before using Jan Moon's Almond Buttercream Icing. (I lost all restraint the first time I made it and licked every bit out of the bowl. It was the best icing ever.) I used a gold icing color and sprinkled some gold edible glitter on top. The wings are vellum. Heinz had been wanting me to make wings out of spun sugar but I didn't have the time or patience. The cake itself was enough work!

The first cake:

And a second cake for when Heinz's sister and her kids visited:

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