Friday, May 9, 2008

So Which One Did We Pick?

Did we pick the one in Homewood that was great for entertaining but had a small yard? Did we pick the Old English-style home with the 3-car garage? Or did we pick the house in the great neighborhood with the best kitchen ever?

We picked the third one, with the room for the home theater and the great kitchen. We're going to make an offer this morning. Wish us luck! Hopefully we can negotiate the stuffed goose mounted on the wall between the main floor and upstairs. Or else I have no idea what I could put there.


Bowlby said...

Suzanne Whang better be concerned about her job security!

Good luck, guys. I hope everything goes smoothly.

stephinbham said...

Yay! The people spoke, and you listened! I'm so excited for you.

Hope all goes well!

Cristine said...

I love it! I hope it works out. BTW, thanks also for the post on Alice's Tea Cup. I'm going to take my relatives there this week! xo Cristine G.