Thursday, November 6, 2008

Craft Room UPDATE

I've had several people request to see the shelves that Heinz put up for me in the craft room. I have just about everything in there unpacked, but it's not all that neat right now.

Close to the bottom on the left is a shelf that Heinz made me before we got married for me to store my spices on. Now that I have a spice drawer, it's perfect for rubber stamps.

These are $2 plastic shoeboxes that I got from the Container Store for my yarn. I have individual projects in each box. Now I just have to label them.

More shelves, and lots of wrapping paper!

This is an old formica table that my dad gave me. I LOVE it. It's perfect for crafts. It's a really hard surface and it's really wide. And who cares if I get glue on it?

I got this floor lamp at Bed Bath & Beyond. I'm happy that I have one room that I can decorate with pink!


Bowlby said...

Looks like you can seriously get your craft on in that room.

stephinbham said...

It looks phenomenal! Also, can I hire you to come organize my craft room?

Leah said...

Mine isn't all that organized yet! But I'd be happy to help you. How about a road trip to The Container Store?

Right now I'm getting my giftwrapping on.