Thursday, November 6, 2008

Crazy Halloween

We were warned ahead of time that the guy across the street from us attracted a lot of kids for Halloween. His whole front yard was covered in stuff, he had a maze in the back, and a 7-ft friend of his dressed up like Gene Simmons from KISS. So we bought a LOT of candy. The police shut off our street, and there were several hundred people walking up and down our street and standing in our yard and the street looking at this guy's house. We had 212 trick-or-treaters. And the weird thing was is that not everyone stopped by our house. A lot of them seemed to walk right past. It hurt my feelings a bit.


stephinbham said...

If they knew how awesome your was INSIDE, they would've stopped by. Not that it isn't great outside, but those spider webs have nothing on what you have planned for the HP party. Puh-lease.

Leah said...

Plus I have real spider webs.