Sunday, February 15, 2009

Handyman Heinz

We needed more storage in our laundry room, so Heinz set out to build a cabinet instead of paying someone else to. I also didn't want open shelving so that everything could stay as dust-free as possible.

These are the original cabinets in the laundry room. The previous homeowner told me where the cabinet doors came from, so we bought some to match up to these.

The completed cabinet.

The top shelves are short for platters, and then there's a big space underneath for tall kitchen appliances.


stephinbham said...

Yeah, this thing is a work of art!

Amy said...

holy crap! is there anything Heinz can't do?? :)

Leah said...

Not really.

PHH said...

It looks amazing! Heinz is talented, for sure.