Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cheap (and Cute!) Magazine Holders

I love magazine holders, and I used to spend a lot of money on them. Because they can be pricey. But last year I found out that Ikea has supercheap magazine holders. They are five for $3! They are plain white cardboard and are sturdy enough. And it's so easy to make them pretty! By using scrapbook paper and mod podge, I turned this

into this for the kitchen, to hold cooking magazines and loose recipes (it's going to match my new color scheme).

For the living room, to hold catalogs and current magazines. I covered the left side of the one on the left since it shows on the shelf.

These are for sheet music. I looked for scrapbook paper with music notes at Michael's and Hobby Lobby but I didn't find any.

For Heinz's office:

And these are for the craft room, of course.


stephinbham said...

You've been busy! Love them all. This is SUCH a great idea!

Bowlby said...

Get out! These are FANTASTIC! Crafty AND thrifty? It's too much!

Natalie said...

I'm impressed. Awesome! What instrument do you play (re: the sheet music).

Leah said...

The piano, 20 years ago. Once we can buy a new piano I'm going to take lessons again. Heinz would like to take violin lessons. Both of my parents are music teachers.

One of those holders is for Christmas music. I thought about using Christmas scrapbook paper but I thought that it wouldn't go as well on the shelf.

Amy said...

Maybe for the sheet music ones you could use ... um ... I don't know .... sheet music? I know, I know such a smart a**. Seriously these are awesome.

Kathleen said...
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Kathleen said...

These look great. Can I ask how you did it? I tried to do this and the paper just didn't seem to fit/I wasn't able to cut it to fit. I made a mess out of two of my magazine holders. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks! (