Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Elfa Shelving

The Living Room Before:

And After:

This month is the Container Store's annual 30% off Elfa shelving sale. I planned out this space a few months ago so we'd be ready to order. We wanted something that would utilize all of the space without being crazy expensive. In the corner we have short shelves for our DVD, stereo, VCR, and DVR. The TV is not going to sit on that shelf permanently; it will eventually go above the fireplace when we get a wireless transmitter. So that shelf will become a desk to keep the laptop (and I'll put a cute fabric-covered bulletin board behind it on the wall. And since this won't always be the focal point, it shouldn't be as noticable when you walk in the room. The shelving on the left is for CDs and DVDs as well as magazines on the lower two shelves. (Stay tuned for an inexpensive magazine storage idea.) I also added a mail-sorting station. Every day we get tons of mail, and instead of having piles of it lay on every surface all over the kitchen and living room, I'm sorting it right away for us to take care of later.


Bowlby said...

What a transformation! Did Heinz install the shelves?

Leah said...

Yes he did. So, good or bad? I hope it doesn't look too crowded.

stephinbham said...

I love it. It's like having a mini office in the living room, and it looks so organized and neat!