Monday, January 26, 2009


I'm going to vent some here today. First of all, being a homeowner is hard. The dishwasher repair guy was supposed to come put a part in tomorrow. So for the fifth time, I couldn't schedule anything between 8 and 5. Last night Sears called me to ask me if I got the part. I haven't. So Heinz called tonight to have them check on where the part is, and oh's on backorder! Thanks for letting us know!!

The Orkin guy came today because of critters in the house. When I called on Saturday, and when I talked to him this morning, I told him what the problem was. So he shows up in his own car, with no ladders. He's as tall as I am so our ladder wasn't tall enough for him to get into the attic. (Heinz was able to.) He's supposed to come back tomorrow but Heinz said he had his chance so I'm cancelling it.

So I was at Publix this afternoon, and I was walking along, minding my own business, and this big guy in his fifties passes me and says, "Hey, bitch." I know that I looked startled and he slightly smiled. (I imagine he was getting some kicks.) I was going to tell the manager, but the manager started talking to this guy! So I told the boy restocking the dairy, who told the manager, who asked me if I "heard right" because this guy is a "real teddy bear." It was all very upsetting. When Heinz got home, he was really mad, so he called the manager. Get this—this guy is the Coke deliver guy! (At the Vestavia Publix, by the way.) And the guy lied to him about what he said to me, of course. So we're calling Coke tomorrow to make a complaint. I know it's my word against his, and even if I'm the first one to make a complaint, perhaps it will help someone else. Because no one should be treated that way.

I think I need a karma necklace. At least Heinz is home safe from his trip this weekend.


Eric, Marilyn, and Elliott said...

You're going to ruin the perception that Southerners are "all sweet, all the time!" What will all your readers who live beyond our borders think? Seriously, sorry you have gotten such shoddy treatment lately. Now if you could just get the cable guy to come over and give you a heaping helping of disdain and condescension, your week will be perfect!

stephinbham said...

You need a vacation. That's my recommendation. That's some crappy customer service!

Natalie said...

Wow. Marilyn's right. I have a totally different perception of Southerners now... that sort of thing would NEVER happen up North! But seriously... I'd complain too. That's craziness. Total craziness. I bet if the Cable guy knew you had cupcakes, he'd be there in an instant!

Bowlby said...

First of all, it's clear that you need an assistant. Someone to deal with repairmen, groceries, etc. In exchange that person will learn mad baking and crafting skillz under your tutelage. I have the perfect candidate in mind. It is me.

In the meantime, I'm going to stake out the Vestavia Publix. When I run into the Coke delivery guy, I'll kick him in the junk and say, "You're the bitch, bitch." As I run from the building I'll yell "That was for Leah!" Someone will have to watch my kid.

Leah said...

Thanks Katie! That made me laugh. You don't need lessons--you're totally crafty! You inspired me to learn how to knit.

Heinz is calling Coke today. I think there's someone else that shops there that we could do that to as well.

stephinbham said...

Ha ha ha, Bowlby, omg, I just choked on my dinner. Because you said "junk." I'll watch Luke. But Justin has to video!