Saturday, June 20, 2009

Piano Stool Cushion

I have an old 1917 upright piano with a stool that swivels up and down. I plan on painting the piano but not the stool. Stephanie had a great suggestion of putting a cushion on it to match the living room furniture. So I matched up this turquoise fabric and had someone make it for me. Stephanie suggested her friend's aunt Kathy, who made some beautiful cushions for her dining room chairs. Kathy actually borrowed the seat of the stool and made the cushion fit around it so it won't come off. It's bulkier than I thought it would be but it fits beautifully. And her welting work is lovely! She charged me $35. So if you need someone to make custom cushions for you, let me or Steph know and we'll give you her number.


Bowlby said...

I love how she did the bottom! Very clever. And $35 seems like a bargain.

stephinbham said...

Booyah. That Kathy is the bomb. I love how she did the bottom too. Didn't you just love her?!