Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Geese Have Left the Building

Our half bath was painted 1980's country blue. You know what color I mean—the color of geese that you bought at a local craft fair and then would have sitting around the house because everyone else was. (Sorry, Mom.) But anyway. That was the color of this bathroom. But no more! It now matches the foyer. And even better, I painted vertical stripes in this room. Katie gave me the great idea of painting the half bath to match the foyer. And then Stephanie suggested accenting with red towels and chandelier shades to pull it together with the other rooms, and then Kate Nicholson suggested that I paint stripes. It certainly takes a village to help me decorate. So I got a quart of high gloss in the same color as the main color of the bathroom. I measured off 6-inch (mostly) stripes with a laser level. It took some time to get a good rhythm going, and even though I almost quit twice, I'm glad I stuck it out. The results are very subtle and almost look like wallpaper. Would I do this again? It would have to be a small room. It's a LOT of work.

Stay tuned for the chandelier shades. Heinz has to rewire the sconces so they fit.

Before, stuck in a time warp

After, finally in the 21st century


Bowlby said...

I can't believe I demanded pictures of your bathroom and then forgot to comment! It looks AWESOME! You are seriously the most patient person I know. I can't wait to see it in person.

Heather said...

Wow. Lovely. Plus, you won't have to worry about annoying paper peeling over time, either! : )

RD-RC said...

Leah... I knew you could do it if you stuck to it.. great job it looks perfect. I'm very proud of your accomplishments on this one.

stephinbham said...

I have been so slack with the comments.

This looks FABULOUS. You're the only person besides a professional painter (which you kind of are) who could do this.