Wednesday, November 18, 2009

And...More Sewing

Yesterday I made some curtain tiebacks. I think they look a lot better now.
These Amy Butler curtains were my inspiration. They would have cost $300 for two windows. Mine, including the panels I bought at Wal-Mart, were about $42. Plus a $400 sewing machine, ha.

I then hemmed a piece of fabric with a lining to go on top of an old sewing table. I ordered a piece of glass to go on top of it so it can be used as a desk. Then it will be safe for even a laptop or to throw your keys on there. The piece of glass is about $10. If you didn't want to hem a piece of fabric, you could put cute scrapbook paper and photos underneath it. I think that I'm going to do that with my nightstand and leftover wallpaper.

You know those rice bags that you can heat up in the microwave to use as a heating pad? My grandma uses one all the time for her arthritis and other ailments. She needed some new ones since one I got her several years ago caught on fire in the microwave. (There's only so long they'll last. The rice gets dried out.) So I whipped up a couple of new ones. I made one of leftover cotton and one out of flannel so it's supercosy. (It also reminds me of my grandfather.)

I actually put the rice in a plain bag first and made the outside to actually be a slipcover so they can be washed easily.


Katie B. said...

This turned out great! You're a sewing maniac! Nice job on the money saving too.

Katie B. said...

Did you put anything else in the bags besides rice?

Leah said...

No I didn't. Heinz's sister suggested I put some lavender or something else like that in there. The rice really smells bad after awhile so I thought it wouldn't make much difference. I did read that you could put the rice insert inside a plastic Zip-loc bag to hide the yucky smell.

I did some research and considered using deer corn but I didn't know where a feed store was. Apparently it doesn't dry out as much as the rice. Melissa said that some bags we bought in New York used flaxseed and that it didn't seem to smell as bad as the rice.

Anne at Film and Thread said...

I love your tree on your wall!

Thanks for coming by my blog for the giveaway!