Wednesday, November 18, 2009


My friend Christy from New York was in Atlanta last week, and so I drove over there to meet her for lunch. After lunch we walked around and stopped into West Elm, the place where I got our bedding. Just within the last three weeks since I'd been there, they have this new shiny shiny incredible soft bedding. Christy said, "You have to get this bedding!!" But since I had just gotten new bedding, I decided to supplement.

First I got these throws for the library. They won out over some chunky knit throws from Pottery Barn because they're machine washable and the ones from Pottery Barn are dry clean only (no thank you!).

Then I got these standard shams for the bedroom. The color is pretty close to the wall color, and I love the two standard shams in front of the Euro shams instead of the king-size ones.


Katie B. said...

I love how the shiny pillows are a nod to the shiny bits in your wallpaper.

Leah said...

Good call Katie. I didn't even think of that.