Saturday, October 2, 2010

Something Old, Something New, and Definitely Something Blue

We have already been working on getting the nursery fixed up. The walls are painted, which is a huge relief. And there are already a few pieces of furniture in the room.

First is this little rocker, which I used when I was little, and my dad, and my grandma and her siblings. Since my grandmother's oldest sister is almost 91, it's safe to say this is at least 90 years old. It's the only old furniture that I don't mind using. My grandma tried to get me to take a 100-year-old wicker baby carriage to use, but I declined. I think this rocker will be cute with a little pillow in it.

Heinz already put together the crib and changing table for me so that I can plan the decor for the room. Draped over the crib are some of the fabrics I'm using in the room. I'm almost finished making the curtains and then I'm going to start on the crib skirt.


The Bakers said...

Wow, you're really having a baby! Those fabrics are adorable.

Stephanie said...

Love, love, love the fabrics! I can't believe this is really happening! Yay!