Saturday, October 27, 2007

Design Advice From Vern Yip

I love Vern Yip. He's such a great designer. He was on the first four seasons of Trading Spaces, and more recently, he's one of the judges on Design Star and has a new show called Deserving Design. He stopped by the People offices yesterday to give some holiday gift guide suggestions, and we got to ask him questions. I asked him for some of his favorite home/furniture/design stores in Atlanta. He was surprised! I told him that I was moving back to Birmingham. So he was very helpful. It was awesome.


Bowlby said...

I love Vern! What a cute picture.

julia said...

Vern is the greatest. And you look hot!

stephinbham said...

That's cool, Leah. And you and Bowlby BOTH need a cheeseburger! You look awesome.