Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Poet for Hire

I was walking out of Trader Joe's this afternoon, and this guy was sitting at a little table outside with a typewriter and a sign that said "Poems." I was intrigued. I got out my camera and took a picture. I was about to walk away when I thought, "Why don't I get a poem?" He said that it's pay what you can, and apparently you give him a topic. He was just finishing up a poem for someone. So I told him that I wanted a poem about New York City (so I could share it with my blog readers, of course). He asked me my name and I told him that I was from Alabama and living here for just a few years. This is what he gave me. I think that what he's doing is really cool. I never feel compelled to give anyone money on the street, but someone with a typewriter with a sign that says "Poems" is pretty ingenious. He made a carbon copy of every poem that he wrote. I think they would make an awesome book.


Bowlby said...

That's incredible! He should've signed it.

stephinbham said...

That's pretty awesome! Smart guy. I wonder how much money he makes in a day.