Thursday, June 12, 2008

Big Apple Barbecue

Last Saturday after having tea at The Plaza, we stopped by the Big Apple Barbecue at Madison Square Park to get some pork barbecue sandwiches to take home. We went to Big Bob Gibson so I could meet award-winning barbecue chef Chris Lilly, whom I've spoken to while fact-checking at Southern Living. We waited in a really long line, and got the last two sandwiches because they ran out. I would have been mad if we had missed out! And it was so good. We'll have to make a road trip there next time we're in Huntsville, because I've never had any barbecue that I've liked in Birmingham. If anyone knows of some place good, let me know. And don't say Golden Rule, because I don't like them.


matt said...

Gibson's is not my favorite BBQ in the Huntsville area. I grew up on Thomas Pit BBQ in Madison. Both of them have white sauce. I'm not really a fan of white sauce, but I've never seen it outside of North Alabama

stephinbham said...

Oh, I know! I do not like B'ham bbq. I like Georgia bbq, and there's a big fat difference.

Leah said...

Big Bob Gibson's in Decatur is different from the Gibson's in Huntsville. They were cousins or something.