Thursday, June 12, 2008

Congratulations Heinz!

Heinz's residency program had a graduation ceremony this afternoon. Heinz got a paperweight with his name on it for being chief resident. Here's Heinz with some of his fellow residents. Chethan, on the right, and his wife are going to work around the world for a year. Their first stop is Hawaii. When the program director announced where he was going, the crowd oooed. It was like he won a trip on The Price is Right or Wheel of Fortune or something. No one "oooed" for Alabama.


Bowlby said...

Does his paperweight say, "I just graduated from my residency and all I got was this lousy paperweight"?

Leah said...

It doesn't even say chief resident on it.

stephinbham said...

Well. Those yankee fools just don't know what they're missing down here.

Congrats, Heinz!