Saturday, June 7, 2008

David Sedaris Is the World's Nicest Author

My friend Christy (pictured here with David Sedaris) and I went to his book signing Wed. night. He got there early to start signing, and then signed after his reading until 2 a.m.! Part of it is his own fault because he took so long with each person, asking questions and being really nice.

He read an essay from his new book and some of his journal entries (he has kept a journal every day for the past 30 years). I imagine that he gets a lot of his ideas that way since his entries were generally funny. There were some Q&As, and one person asked him what his typical day was like. He said that he got up, wrote until lunch, and then went to the movies. He said that it sounds great and all, but since he was his own boss, he had to hate himself, so he goes to the movies to keep from killing himself.


Bowlby said...

Yeah! How cool. Did you tell him you saw his sister a few months ago?

The Bakers said...

I already loved him, and his niceness makes me love him even more. Jesus shaves!

stephinbham said...

ha ha ha. He had to hate himself because he was the boss. Hilarious.