Sunday, September 30, 2007

New Fall Makeup

I love getting new makeup for fall and spring. The change in seasons makes me want to change my look too, like having more smoky eyes for fall and winter and lighter and brighter in the spring. I went to the mac makeup counter yesterday with the intent of getting new mascara, but I really wanted dark purple nail polish too. I have never worn dark nail polish, but I've been wanting to try it for some time. They happened to have a new color for fall which was just what I wanted. I had to trim my nails down since dark polish shouldn't be worn on long nails. (And next time I need to remove my cuticles so that it looks neater.) I also got a couple of new purpley eyeshadows to complement the colors I normally wear, but my eye makeup probably doesn't look any different to anyone else.

Julia and I used to go get our makeup done at the mac counter together. I miss doing that. Maybe we can go next fall.


julia said...

Don't get a pregnant woman all sentimental.

stephinbham said...

I love the polish on your nails!

Leah said...

Thanks! I love wearing it.