Wednesday, September 12, 2007

So Sad

For the second time in four days, I have seen a woman on the sidewalk crying. And it makes me so sad. The first time was Sunday afternoon at Coney Island. There was a woman selling churros ( who was turned into a phone booth, and she was crying. In a way you want to ask if they need help, but you don't want to be intrusive. And then today on my way to work, there was a woman on the stoop of a building, leaning against the brick front, sobbing hysterically. I guess this is what happens when you don't have a car to go sit in and cry. I was trying to think if I've ever done that—sat in my car and cried—and I can't remember. Have any of you ever done that? And sorry I don't have any pictures to do with the post. I thought it would be rude to take a picture of someone crying.


stephinbham said...

good call not taking the pictures :)
I've sat in my car and cried. During lunch, at SPC.

Leah said...

That makes me sad too. I was joking about the pictures, of course. If I could be stealthlike, like Glamour, then I would have a lot more pictures on my blog. Mainly of "Oh no they didn'ts."