Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Other Alda

Heinz and I went to Alan Alda's booksigning tonight for the publication of his new memoir. Alan Alda is supernice and very witty. He had practically a whole standup routine going on.

This is actually the second Alan Alda booksigning I've been to. I went two years ago to get a book signed for my mom, whose name is, coincidentally, Alda. Both times he asked, "Is this you?!" And even though they said that he wouldn't write messages to anyone, he wrote, "To Alda, from the other Alda." Sorry the pictures are blurry. The one below is a contraband picture, as we weren't supposed to take any on stage. But Heinz wanted to get me in a picture with him. We have more pictures like this, like me with Bradley Cooper and Paul Rudd. I'll post those another time.

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Bowlby said...

Nice work! Heinz should be a spy. He's lucky that Alan Alda's security team didn't tackle him and take the camera.