Saturday, November 24, 2007

Balloon Inflation

The balloon inflation Wed. night was insanely miserable. Because it was so warm and most of Broadway was shut down, there were crazy amount of people there. When I went two years ago with Julia and Layton, it was nothing like this. It's basically why we didn't go to the parade Thursday morning. We knew it would be awful. At least I've been twice now.

See that line of people across the road? I don't even understand where they were coming from. We were slowly shuffling our way to see the balloons.

Mr. Potato Head's foot, an ice-cream cone, and the top of JoJo's head.

Thanksgiving is brought to you by McDonald's.

Hello Kitty Supercute, a new balloon.

Scooby's patootie.

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stephinbham said...

Pretty cool. Although I might have nightmares about big balloons attacking me.