Friday, November 16, 2007

Stocking Stuffers and More, part 1 from Urban Outfitters

Here's some cool stuff from Urban Outfitters. I got several stocking stuffers from there last year. They have some cool retro stuff, like Peanuts and the Grinch, and kitchy items that adults my age will appreciate. I'm sorry that each photo doesn't have a link; go to and on the left, click Apartment, and then Entertain.

This is a poo-pooing reindeer. It comes with brown jelly bean-like candy.

I never had a Snoopy Sno-Cone machine, but I think that this might hold some good memories for some adults.

A key chain with sounds from the Mario Brothers games. $10

Yummy Peanuts characters lip balms. Some of them even seem appropriate for guys. $15

Star Wars games plug and play. I think it includes four games for $25.

A 3-D drawing tool. Last year they had 3-D drawing pads, which I thought were pretty cool. The drawings themselves didn't exactly look 3-D, but they looked like they were coming off of the page.

We obviously need this. It's so you can take pictures of yourself without having to do the whole holding out your arm thing. (See picture on the right.) $30, web only


Bowlby said...

Love the digital camera accessory.

stephinbham said...

Me too! I love your ideas.