Friday, November 16, 2007

Stocking Stuffers from the Container Store

If there's not a Container Store in your area, you can order these items from There's even a link for Stocking Stuffers.

This is the most brilliant of them all. A silicone cup cooley for people that you know who go to Starbucks a lot. Only $3.99. I can't decide if I want a pink or a brown one.

This pencil supposedly gets rid of scratches on CDs and DVDs. $5.99

An envelope opener; $4.99

These look awesome. You put them on the lens of your camera and it creates cool special effects. $5.99 for the whole set!

What kid wouldn't want a secret message writing set? $5.99

1 comment:

stephinbham said...

I totally want the pink one!