Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Get Your Desk Diary On

This ad copy had me at "Savor opening lines from dozens of famous works of literature." I will be severely disappointed if Pride and Prejudice is not in there.

The 2008 edition in the popular and long-running Barnes & Noble Desk Diary series celebrates Famous First Lines chosen from a diverse selection of classic and modern novels, short fiction, and poetry. This handsome, richly illustrated planner provides a convenient weekly agenda format, monthly calendar grids, and a year of fascinating literary lore in a durable, handcrafted binding.

Savor opening lines from dozens of famous works of literature, accompanied by brief descriptive texts about the works and their authors. Also included is quiz about last lines from famous works, lists of prize-winning novels, an 8-page supplement of classic world maps, and other special features.

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stephinbham said...

This is cool. Nice job with the gifts, Leah!

Tonight Sean picked up the Real Simple issue with the gift guide in it for me. I'm almost looking forward to the long drive tomorrow!